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Tentang Membuang Sampah Sembarangan (part 2)


image-16-09-15-10-13-1(1)Menulis postingan ini merupakan dilemma buat saya. I didn’t like complaining about something but doing nothing to change that. Perasaan itulah yang muncul saat saya mengambil foto di atas. Lokasi foto itu diambil di salah satu tempat wisata di daerah Sumatera Barat, yang kebetulan posisinya cukup dekat dengan rumah saya.

Yang menonjol di tempat tersebut saat pagi foto ini saya ambil bukanlah cantiknya alam dan pemandangan yang breathtaking, tapi sampah. Saya masih ingat situasi yang kurang lebih mirip pada sungai belakang rumah saya dulu itu (postingan yang ini). Memunculkan perasaan sedih yang sama.

Fenomena ini terasa makin menyedihkankarena sampah ini merupakan tumpukan sampah seminggu setelah liburan idul fitri. Hal yang merusak euphoria setelah keagungan hari besar itu. Saya pikir liburan idul fitri harusnya waktu untuk merayakan kemenangan, bukan waktu yang dihabiskan untuk membuang sampah ke tempat wisata saat jalan – jalan. Pernah tidak membayangkan kalau seorang saja lebih memilih mengantongi sampah alih alih membuangnya sembarangan? Dia setidaknya sudah melakukan sesuatu yang besar banget dampaknya dengan tidak mengotori bumi. Dia sudah mempertahankan sesuatu yang baik dari Negara, bukan menambah beban masyarakat atau pemerintah yang memang sudah banyak.

Saya masih ingat suatu hari saat saya menunggu sahabat saya di halte samping Gelora Bung Karno. Saya melihat seorang ibu menggeletakkan sampah di samping halte. Sampah konsumsi yang dibagikan pada salah satu even di tempat itu. Dan tindakan tersebut beliau lakukan di hadapan anak-anak yang lebih muda-mungkin anaknya atau keponakannya. They said we were copying another person habit around most when we were young. Saya takut kelakuan ini ditiru dan suatu saat kita pelan – pelan mulai hidup di tumpukan sampah. Saya takut hal ini berlanjut seterusnya menjadi lingkaran setan yang tidak pernah putus. Saya takut bahwa harapan untuk tanah ini makin menipis dari hari ke hari.

Di saat di tanah seberang sudah jauh berpikir tentang cara mengelola limbah, kita masih saja berkutat dengan kebiasaan menyedihkan: membuang sampah sembarangan, di Negara berpenduduk 259 juta orang ini.


5 Things to Do in Padang

The beauty of West Sumatera couldn’t represented by single site or city. Its uniqueness couldn’t found enough in a relative small area alone. So when you interested to have ‘taste’ of West Sumatera and you just visit Padang only, this wouldn’t make you satisfied.

In my opinion, Padang is not a prominent tourism city in West Sumatera. Bukittinggi or Sikuai/cubadak island maybe the wiser choice, but still, this is the capital city of West Sumatera. Based on my limited experienced in traveling and living there :), I’d like to give my own version as an improper guidelines if – in case- there’s somebody out there would like to explored the city in the narrow schedule.

Here they are:

1. Have roasted corn and hang out at Jembatan Siti Nurbaya in the night.
2. Feel the tasty sate KMS in Pasar Raya Padang, take a look around this traditional market and padang downtown seashore..
3. Visiting pondok (Padang Chinatown) and enjoy its culinary..
4. Visiting either pasir jambak or aia manih beach (Malin Kundang Stone settled area–» choose further site, because closer mean crowder and also dirtier)
5. Visiting batu busuak/lubuak parahu. This ford site (of course) beautiful, green, close to downtown but somehow desolate, could you imagine how peaceful the aura of this area?

Going to update the picture soon:)

Tungku Tigo Sajarangan

Random though about leadership makes me remind about the term. :D.

In Minangkabau, leader represent by this people: Niniak Mamak (The Elder), Cadiak Pandai (The Brighter), Bundo Kanduang (The Mother). They called as ‘Tungku Tigo Sajarangan’ which literally means ‘the three furnaces in a heat’. The term describes the requisite value to leader: the elder depict wisdom and experience, the brighter depict skill and knowledge, the mother depict tenderness and intuition. It frames the working team together.

Tenggelamnya Kapal van Der Wijk : Between the Novel and The Film

I still remember how I was sobbing when I read the book for the first time.. (I am not proud of that, though. I was a high school student anyway, and I hadn’t familiar with tragic love story that day. Okay, I become defensive here). I still remember how I felt hatred for Hayati (the female leading role) when I read her last letter to Zainuddin (the male leading role)»”how could she become not loyal to him? How could she be blinded?”. I still remember how I felt connected with the story because of the main issue where the story begin. The culture of Minangkabau, the background, the culture that I adopted, the society I have been raised within, one of the reason why our character couldn’t be together. I still remember the unattractive blue cover from the book which were published by Balai Pustaka. I still remember how I worshiped the story against its plagiarism issue.

So when the movie launched, watching the tragic story of the two lover is a must in my agenda. Otherwise, I read much positive review about this film..

After I watched the movie, I should say, those good review told the truth. Good. I wasn’t feel bored when I was spending almost half and two hour look at the screen. The movie was even able to change my bad judgment about Hayati!! The movie could showed me the original story in book without losing its message.

But nothing is perfect, and adopted a book to movie has its own challenge.. I began with what I found surprising in good way about the movie:
1. The Minangkabau accent (especially Hayati’s uncle/Mamak) and all of the way its used were almost authentic and consistent 🙂 .
2. The 90’s background of Indonesia also felt real.
3. The poetic and hyperbole conversation they used in letter as how the story been told. Similar.

And here some of flaws I felt when watch the movie:
1. Batipuh written in the movie settled in Padang. Hmmm, as I know Batipuh is a small area near Padang Panjang, Tanah Datar, I supposed.
2. The special effect when Hayati arrived at Harbor near Kapal van Der Wijk is hmmmm…just Rough…
3. Maybe this just for me, but why when heart broken scene felt “too much” for me and rather than touchy I found it somehow funny (my bad sense of humor, maybe)

Beside all of those flaw, this movie succeed to remind me those piece heartbroken story mingled with revenge, culture border, and hope…

A Day in September 2009 ~ Some Flashback (Part 1)

September 30th 2009. I haven’t realized 4 years already passed by. I don’t know the reason why I remind that right now. Maybe I just remembered, or maybe just because of another homesick. That’s not an important thought now, I guess. But founding my memory began to depict that moment again today… well, all the feeling mingled in my mind: hopeful, thankful, blissful for that one day in the September. A day when the 7.6 SR earthquake shaken West Sumatera in 2009.

That day, I began my morning as always, attended the lectured in the morning, clueless about what would become as the scariest moment I experienced in life. The sky was clearly blue as always, the coastal area was still hot without heavy rain. Maybe I just mistakenly interpreted the day as an ordinary day, who could predict a disaster were going happened? Had finished all the obligatory class in that day, some of my friends headed to next class, another one going to do some literature study, another just go home. I altogether with some friends had to make the group report for the Community Services Program which had finished less than a month before, done. “We should to complete that report in the noon” was stuck in my mind that time. And that how I with another group member planned to spend the historical day. Had the report completed.

I was in my rent room when the vibration of the earthquake took place. I hadn’t going to take this seriously. I was familiar (enough) with the slip of the earth plate things. The earthquake is not a rare incident. But after some minute-or maybe second, the shake were not going to slower, stronger instead. And I know we couldn’t take this as ordinary as always. The electricity suddenly off, the strength of the vibration already screwed us. I altogether with my friends run to the open court in front of my room. We had been standing there like we were not stepped at the ground, holding hand together. I heard my friends cried while we stared at the evidence of the chaos. The mirror had shattered by its own, like a madly powerful virtual hand had its crashed. The pillars from a nearby building had fallen apart. We were trapped in the court, with no abilities to run, and the vibration not going stopped. There was a big possibility we were going to pinned down by all of this mess. And that time it felt really going to happen.

I got scared of dying. That exactly how I felt in the time. There so many things I want to do in life. It felt unfair to die right know. I felt scared for faced something that I really don’t know. I felt scared for something that I didn’t prepare and clueless about hereafter. I did ever told and have a wild imagination about hereafter, but when it feels that close, it really screwed me. If there’s hereafter really exist, I don’t know were I good enough to heaven. I didn’t ready to die-yet (Never know if I ever ready for this). And I couldn’t become sincere for let go all of this mundane life.

The duration of earthquakes less than 5 minutes but it felt like a whole life. When it had stopped, thankful for the chance is my first reaction, for the chance of still being alive.

Until the second though come to mind. Was there another earthquake? What happen to family and friends? How strong exactly this quake? Would this disaster followed by tsunami (that would become horrific because this seashore is nearby of the urban areas)? There’s so many question needed an answer when all of the supported media couldn’t work well in the time. The communication providers were stop working, the electricity was off, and the night was going to come.

For the very first time of my life I know how exactly it felt to become a natural disaster’s victim. And there’s not easy, but somehow its strengthened and it’s a starter..

Palasik “A Not-So-Similar Vampire Legend from Minangkabau”

Once upon in time when I was a high school student, I had been attending a party (baralek) in my hometown. There’s something caught my interest that day. Not the celebration that I found stunned, but an invitation guess. She was a mother who brought not more than 2 years old baby. A garlic hooked in his clothes. And I just know why it had been there. She tried to protected her son from a legendary blood sucker. Not a blood sucker from Von Helsing family, but another blood sucker whom known best by Minangkabau mother. Palasik.

Palasik is a popular legend from Minangkabau. He is known as a cursed man who possess an advanced black magic those should to suck the blood of baby through their crown in the night. Usually-in the legend-he does not have another cruel or bad characteristic. During the day he just an ordinary man, but the cursed make him should to do such blood-sucking thing. Unlike vampire, Palasik become a blood sucker because of he has the aptitude. If he got old and going to die, he should to grant this ability to his descent, or he wouldn’t going to die. Because this capability is a cursed through generation, the villager usually could make a prejudice whom the Palasik is.

Palasik usually determine his target through saw them in crowded place. Maybe in party or downtown. To protect their baby from Palasik, mother in Minangkabau uses the garlic and scissor as amulet. And there’s a taboo for a mother who meet Palasik to duck out from him. Instead she has to respect him and kiss his hand. But when a baby got his blood sucked by palasik- characterized by supple and the sunken crown (if you thought this because of dehydration just keep this though for yourself, because this make the whole story less chilling:))- the mother would be adviced to come along and ask his help and the baby may survive. If not..yup life and death doesn’t Palasik given.

This legend is very popular in Minangkabau. Because of its popularity, a decade before, there’s a cinema filmed based of the story and broadcasted through Indonesia with the surprisingly high rating.

Is there any of Minangkabau people nowadays still believe in his existence?? As I asked my mother (whom more than 6 decade apart from me and almost a villager). Did she believe in this story while she was young, did she also protected me by the garlic and scissor when I was a baby girl? She answered me, its hard for her to believe the existence of Palasik, but she won’t take any risk to me, so yes I also ever experienced uses a garlic as amulet hooked in my clothes. Like the baby boy I saw..

The Most Remembering about Public Transportation in Padang

Since half of my daily life spent in street, road transportation already became a very important part of my life. And because I don’t hold any driving licenses, public transportation is my only hope for physical moving, with the only exception is travel by own feet :D. When I had arrived in Jakarta, I got shocked for its crowded and numoureous of its public transportation. Enter: ojeg, bajaj, angkot, kopaja, metromini, electrical train, transjakarta, buses, etc.

Modified Angkot in Padang, an extravagant! (Source: Blog tetangga ;))

The complicated and busy traffic lines in Jakarta also bring another challenge in order to reach your destiny. Can’t help my self for feeling the slack of public transportation in Padang is another big loss that I have to face. Another “big loss” of public transportation in Padang that I have to accept are:

Loud Music

Well, it’s a common thing in Padang that any driver of public transportation, Angkot and buses specially, always set their audio mobile with the EXTRA LOUD sound systems. And this become a chronic habitual of the driver, especially for the young ones. The music of an Angkot have became its stunning point, despite of its m. That’s the token of an Angkot for entitled popular.

An Angkot Audio Systems. (Nyontek blog lain, hope not an authorized of copyright image 🙂

There’s a case when a passenger asked the driver of an angkot to played down the music, and guess what his respond? Instead of deed what the passenger had been asked for, he prefer to command the passenger to stop right there and choose another angkot!!! This is a story that I always laugh at, no matter how many repetition of the story I had been told. :D. Well, I am not missing this lost so much :


If you were familiar with crazy wire of traffic line in Jakarta, you will found route of any road in Padang absolutely an easy thing to remember. But I am not that familiar with those rote.

Your Color Define Your Identity

Relevant with the less complication of public transportation in Java, the route of an angkot always could be specified by its color. Not combination on color or number. There’s also a different route of the Angkot, but you could easily known the difference from the display of the angkot. If you have a trip to Bukittingi, you going to figure out the opposite of this rule. In Bukittinggi, the Angkot number show the route and the destination, because all of Angkot in Bukittingi have same color. The red ones.

One Last Destination

Every Angkot in Padang have SAME END POINT OF ROUTE: Pasar raya. And no other. So no matter how unfamiliar you with this city or the street, you could make any move by any Angkot and you will never get lost.