Yang Baru

Many things happened since the last post I wrote. In brief detail, here they were:

1. I began part time job as elementary mathematics and English teacher.

2. I won my first door prize (a luggage)!!

3. I got addicted to online shopping.

4. I got obsessed with K-beauty routine ( that complicated 10 steps skin care)

5. Another office drama episode arouse. My subordinate lied and left early when she should done the overhour, made me more than just disappointed.

6. I began learn French from mosalingua App (Salut)

7. A college friend of mine deceased right after childbirth. This is the most profoundly devastating news I heard recently. I got shaken to the core. I began to wonder many things about death, heaven, being a mortal and so many times I reconsider about my own choice and life.

I should to began again the initation of scheduled writing, just to encourage me to leave the laziness and fear behind.


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