I’ve been read about a cancer survivor’ story recently. It touch me deep. And it also scare me. I remember how horrified I became when I was trapped in an earthquake almost 6 year ago. How little control we have about our own breath. Still, the thought of dying terrify me. Maybe I love this mundane life too much.

My father always remind me: Live before the death, when you are healthy before you got too sick.Time is a precious thing that we should spent wisely. Happily. Gratefully. Usefully. Sometimes we need to repeatedly remembering how lucky to be alive and what a waste of time if we never tried to live our life to the fullest. Death, growing old, and (sometimes) got sick are beyond human control. But this is our life and our time to living and to spending.

There is destiny and there is effort. We couldn’t control the time, but we could control how we would be with it. We couldn’t escape our destiny but we always could take the leap.Usaha harus sepenuh hati namun juga harus belajar ikhlas untuk hasil akhirnya.

And when you grow up is when you should remember your dream most, because you feel you have all the time in the world.


What would you do with your one and precious life?


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