About Brother’s

A couple of week ago, I had a conversation about family with a best friend. She said she always impressed by boy who care much about his family, which were I agreed. Isn’t a protective and caring brother a sweet thing?

We, She and I, are the youngest and the only girl in family. We both have older brother. She told me that her brother is simply not caring. She isn’t a drama queen girl who need a lot of attention, but what kind of girl who didn’t feel a little bit sad and abandoned when she move to another island for almost a year without a single call from her brother? And when finally the call come, the first thing that brother ask was price of a phone? Without asking how she was? Where does she live? How does she make money? Thing going in the same line when she had been a graduate student. No question about school, about GPA, or friend when they were together. Maybe because he have another family, wife and child, another business, another point of view, another small world who suck his attention, but she (and also I) feel… just sad :(. Her brother didn’t become someone whom she can lean on, just like a stranger.

I remember my own brother and history. With just small age of difference but a big difference in almost everything; the choice for TV program, life philosophy, act, point of view, hobbies. We always have a big fight :), physically (when we were still the small one), verbally, and philosophically. There’s many thing I didn’t like about him in past: his overprotected act which were bordered the controlling issues, his choice of rude word for delivering massage, his act as spoiled half mature boy. Somehow, when I was in my younger age he become the reason I left. We weren’t buddies who could talk heart to heart, we were the introvert and sarcastic one, but he is my only brother, my family, whether I like the fact or not. We share the ugly thing in the society and the family (and we never talked about that). When we were separated, we growth, we simply change. He became the only one I could lean on, someone who have my trust completely. Although afar, and still difference in many ways, we were talk about something differently. He tried to appreciate my choice. I tried to share my though. I am grateful I never feel abandoned by my own brother. Although he is not a perfect one nor my kind of dream brother, he (just maybe) already become the best brother for me (*grab some tissue :))

There’s a time when I hold this belief: a man who respect his mother and sister, will never treat another woman: his lover, his wife, his daughter with disrespect. I don’t have any proof of that hypothesis. But I know, have a brother somehow become the best thing a girl could have. So, for whoever brother out there, please don’t ruin it. Don’t be careless. Don’t be abusive. Be someone we know, we could proud of. Be some kind of hero who appreciate us (and people), someone we could lean on. For whoever that already are, thank you.


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