Memorable Books

1. Lima Sekawan: Sarjana Misterius ~ Enid Blyton
Status: Lost when was borrowed.
The first novel I remembered reading. And I began to fall for reading ever since.

2. Trio Detektif: Misteri Bisikan Mumi ~ Robert Arthur
Status : own shelves
From grandmother belonging, my first ‘more serious detective’ novel. The book still got titled ‘Alfred Hitchock and Trio Detektif ‘. I ever guessed the trio truly the friend of those famous director! LoL.

3. Harry Potter series ~ J.K. Rowling
Status : own shelves
Beside the storyline and character and all the best thing from a book, this book were the first book gift (exactly: book loan) from my brother.

4. Darren Shan series ~ Darren Shan
Status : own shelves
This series is sooo good and mind changing. The first mind blowing book which influence my 15 y.o. perspective. Also, the first book I entrusted someone to buy me a from my own savings.

5. Sherlock Holmes series ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Status : own shelves
I totally in love with this detective series: the detail, the character, the writing style.

6. White Hot ~ Sandra Brown
Status: Borrowed from public library
My first adult novel with an adult scene. I found the novel incredibly hot and good that time, when I was in my 2.5 years degree. My first english translation book in the romantic suspense genre.

7. Tenggelamnya Kapal van DerWijk ~ Hamka
Status : Read in school library
My first romance local novel which could make my 16 y.o self sobbing successfully.
8. Dealova ~ Dyan Nuranyndia
Status : own shelves
My first and the only one teenlit novel in my puberty age.

9 Dragon Ball.
Status : own shelves some chapter
First comic I loved.

10. Titik Nol ~ Agustinus Wibowo
Status : own shelves
Above all, only this book which were categorize as my recent reading. For me, this book portrayed human, life, and traveling itself perfectly.


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