Jogja Trip ~ Detour

I had chosen a flight to leave Jogja for Monday 17 February, but this-had-to-be perfect plan must face the stronger power of destiny or whatever you’d like to call it. In 17 February, Adi Sutjipto Airport still closed due to Kelud eruption. Another bad news? My ticket couldn’t refund by cash, rather I could reschedule or got some flight voucher. Clueless about the next destination, I choose to delay my returning to Tangerang for the next day.

So at 18 February, I altogether with my friends (and her oh-so-heavy-baggage) arrived at the airport in 8 a.m. I got surprised when known there’s still no flight for that day. Exhausted and anger burn in my gut. I know the disaster was unpredictable ones, but why didn’t the CS people in the flight agency not informed me before or at least not ensuring me there’s still a flight this day, or why they couldn’t make it possible for me to get my money in cash back? Maybe I also being unfair there, but that time all I could think were how much more money and time I should spent, just because of lack of information. Guess, I should to check my timeline more often then.

Crying or cursing were useless, so no matter how bad I wanna cry or scold the people of the enterprise, the only rational thing I could do was review my option. Road transportation was the only choice left. After shocking moment at airport, I was heading to train station. The luckiest thing happened that day maybe there’s still train ticket left heading to Jakarta for 06.45 p.m. Since I got there by 10.30 a.m, that’s mean I stuck in the station for the long almost 8 hours waiting! Thanks to the innovation of gadget that made long time waiting became more bearable.

As the last note, there’s so much lesson I got during the journey, e.g. : why should we save an extra money during a journey, what your big concern during journey. There’s so much emotion I endure: excited, thrilled, fury, remorse, happy. Journey is more than escaping somehow. Have a journey and you going to have a life. Have a journey and you would learn about embrace the different things from another and accepting the basic value of humanity. It does not matter what your faith, what language you use, what race you being born, there’s still we shared the heart of human that valued the same thing, that could ruined by destiny..

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