5 Things to Do in Padang

The beauty of West Sumatera couldn’t represented by single site or city. Its uniqueness couldn’t found enough in a relative small area alone. So when you interested to have ‘taste’ of West Sumatera and you just visit Padang only, this wouldn’t make you satisfied.

In my opinion, Padang is not a prominent tourism city in West Sumatera. Bukittinggi or Sikuai/cubadak island maybe the wiser choice, but still, this is the capital city of West Sumatera. Based on my limited experienced in traveling and living there :), I’d like to give my own version as an improper guidelines if – in case- there’s somebody out there would like to explored the city in the narrow schedule.

Here they are:

1. Have roasted corn and hang out at Jembatan Siti Nurbaya in the night.
2. Feel the tasty sate KMS in Pasar Raya Padang, take a look around this traditional market and padang downtown seashore..
3. Visiting pondok (Padang Chinatown) and enjoy its culinary..
4. Visiting either pasir jambak or aia manih beach (Malin Kundang Stone settled area–» choose further site, because closer mean crowder and also dirtier)
5. Visiting batu busuak/lubuak parahu. This ford site (of course) beautiful, green, close to downtown but somehow desolate, could you imagine how peaceful the aura of this area?

Going to update the picture soon:)

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