Jogja Trip ~ Eruption Victims, Accidentally

Although my vacation in Jogja fulfilled with ashes everywhere and Jogja almost loses its lively soul, I enjoyed Jogja maybe more that I could had been if I got there in any occasional ordinary day. When I could blend with a local community rather than being a rushed tourist that I would going to be in a normal circumstance.

From the first day I came to Jogja, the pouring ashes make it impossible for me and my friend to make any move. My friend had convince me to guide me about the trip although she have unclear plan about our journey. A plan involved an old friends. We welcomed warmly by her friend, a local, and the friends’ family coerced us to stayed in their houses in Kaliurang, the suburbant area instead of Malioboro the downtown. At the end, I choose to stay although that made me uncomfortable.

This not what I planned to have this vacation: with polite chit chat, with stranger family that barely known me and maybe didn’t have any intention to known me, and spend the rest of the day spend in a house of stranger because of the Kelud had vomit last night before! That was when I learn when you have a trip just two people together be clear about your travel mate intention, how you planned your budget to spend, how you comfort yourself to spend a long time with her/him, and how both of you would react when an unexpected accident happened. I said to myself:  Remember make sure you going to occupied your time with happiness, and don’t make anything terrible thing ruin it. Counted blend with local of a stranger town. That’s surely not an experienced that would happen in ordinary situation, so when it comes that way, savor it!

Something that caught my interest were my friend’s relative interreligion family. They are a catholic family with a muslim relative live there in addition. Their house right beside a huge mosque. Who said being inter religion in family is impossible? Clearly that’s not an easy thing to overcome, when we could choose an easier way, but harmony and peace-either our perspective of God (and all of thing) different or not-is something that we could create.. Because whatever the faith we have, human are all the same who could feel lonely or fear, worshiped compassion and kindness like how the family had shown me..A lonely man, a good friend, and a complicated step parent.

When late afternoon the fallen ashes had declined, I saw people already try their best shoot to clean the highway and the houses, but this need a hard effort as the thickness of the ashes. So the next day when we got there, Jogja still covered by the dominant gray, and not to mention tourist spot like Prambanan, Borobudur, Kraton were closed, but we could still took some nice (and ash-covered) picture.

Abu erupsi Kelud menutupi permukaan tanah dan tanaman

Suasana depan kompleks candi prambanan 1 hari pasca erupsi

Masih suasana depan kompleks candi prambanan 1 hari pasca erupsi

Suasana depan kompleks candi plaosan lor 1 hari pasca erupsi

Suasana depan museum gunung merapi 1 hari pasca erupsi

Jogjakarta is a lovely city with no people tried to bust out the traffic lamp and its own harmony. I want to back, someday, someway.


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