Jogja Pretrip ~ Gray

February 13th 2014

I had planned 4 days trip to Jogjakarta before already brought the ticket for the train. I got there together with a friend whom-just like me-was unfamiliar about the city unless what makes us excited to got there: all we cared to know is that where Borobudur, Kraton, Taman Sari, Prambanan, Parangtritis takes a place.. For me, this my first trip to Jogja. So many thing happened and I hadn’t have any clue that the journey would become more… exciting than I ever imagine (and far from what I were expected).

16.30 WIB
I arrived at Terminal Pasar Senen. While I waited for the departure train, found an old man there, he told me he was from South Sulawesi, Pindrang. Someone stole all of his belonging right after he came, then he found his acquitance already moved from Jakarta out of nowhere. Then he go to police station, got some letter which were useless where he tried to catch a bus to Pindrang.
He said he has a daughter, but he doesn’t want to make her daughter worried. The desolate area of Pindrang makes its difficult for him to make any call.

He didn’t pursued me for money or other, but as I saw his eyes, how his hand turn the newspaper upside down, I don’t know what I should do. What the right thing I have to do no matter he told me the truth or not.

That how I realize, how much I changed. Jakarta already makes me become the skeptic one. When I though giving doesn’t always mean a charity when it comes to wrong object and wrong media.. When doubt poisoning my will.. At the end when I left, I still wondering had I done right?

18.30 WIB
The train moves. I, altogether with my friends got the first left row seat beside toilet :'(. Something that catch my attention were the two twenty something lover in frontier right seat. They cuddling, touching, and kissing (complete with such passionately sound when you kiss someone right in their lips) again and again, and didn’t look bothered by everything around them. I am not going to questioning the morality or culture value here, but those display public affection were not something I expected would happening in public transportation in Indonesia…
I found my self questioning, they were stranger, they did not disturb the other, and who am I to judge, but what the meaning of the uneasiness I felt along the trip? What’s wrong and what’s right?

February 14th 2014

03.00 WIB
I arrived in Yogyakarta (Tugu) station. The skies dark still, and I didn’t dare to move until morning come, so I did the prays, catch a nap (luckily there’s comfy sofa at the second floor beside mushola) until 05.00 WIB.

05.00 WIB
Trying to out of the station, I found dust everywhere, the dust covered my backpack until the color of backpack changed to gray, the dust irritated my nose and I could felt the small particle grind between my teeth. Someone there told us, the dust actually was the ashes, they came as the result of (shockingly) Mount Kelud eruption, which were happened at almost 24.00 WIB last night. I checked the news from my phone, and ashes still poured there, make the everything in front of my sight look gray after the dark had gone. It seems welcoming me…

To be continued..

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