Walk – A – Crisis

Had you have a day in your life when you felt doubt about your goal? You feel hesitate about your reason to endure life. You aren’t sure about what you had been thinking as your destination. Time when you scared for pursuing your dream – or you think so? You began to ask yourself: “Does this I really wanna do? Am I going to be happy when I get there?” You questioned what you had believed as your core value. You want to give up, but to give up is almost as hard as to fight, and you don’t know where to go nor what to do. There’s no song could boost your mood, no friend to console you, and life seem conspire to create this big crisis in your life.

For me, that’s mean this is the time to go. Travel if I have money. But if not, going somewhere strange to a place I haven’t familiar before and walking on my own are going to be okay.

Look through the skyline in the unfamiliar place from universe somehow remind me why I had to have hope in the complicated life, why I created destination, why I should to be fearless, why should to fight and create the way no matter what kind of life had offered. That when I begin to think; Let go of something means welcoming the other, crisis is an abstract shape when fear takes places, and my problem only a part of another problem in the big world. So when I haven’t found the courage to let the fear go, I pushed my self to look further, observe deeper, walk longer until I finally go home, until knowing what home is, where the final destination is… Until I know why I had been dreaming, why I had been walking along…


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