The Beginning

Hello 2014,

So, here you are at last.
Bringing your magic: the challenge, the chance.
You take my hand,
We already make our first step together,

I bring my own luggage,
Full pack of life, dream and hope..
Wish you could help me with that.
Maybe just like the other.
And like what I did with your predecessor.

I know how you would react..
You would just hold me tight..
But, your careless is a certainty..

I wonder how it would be when its comes to the best part of our journey..
Laugh, power, joy.
I am going to told you to stop.
No matter how I tried to savor it,
You would never slow your pace, you just being persistent.

Somehow, during the rainy day and difficult path, this journey would felt hard..
I know I would fight, but human have limitation..
And you would never released your grip from my wrist..
So I have to let go..
Left my baggage just to fit your pace..

I wonder how I would remember you when we finished our journey..
I am not going to know..

But I promise you,
I am going to walk together with full of energy and wariness,
I am going to remember the good thing during our journey,
I am going to remember you as the special friend I ever met,
I am going to thank you at the end..


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