Tenggelamnya Kapal van Der Wijk : Between the Novel and The Film

I still remember how I was sobbing when I read the book for the first time.. (I am not proud of that, though. I was a high school student anyway, and I hadn’t familiar with tragic love story that day. Okay, I become defensive here). I still remember how I felt hatred for Hayati (the female leading role) when I read her last letter to Zainuddin (the male leading role)»”how could she become not loyal to him? How could she be blinded?”. I still remember how I felt connected with the story because of the main issue where the story begin. The culture of Minangkabau, the background, the culture that I adopted, the society I have been raised within, one of the reason why our character couldn’t be together. I still remember the unattractive blue cover from the book which were published by Balai Pustaka. I still remember how I worshiped the story against its plagiarism issue.

So when the movie launched, watching the tragic story of the two lover is a must in my agenda. Otherwise, I read much positive review about this film..

After I watched the movie, I should say, those good review told the truth. Good. I wasn’t feel bored when I was spending almost half and two hour look at the screen. The movie was even able to change my bad judgment about Hayati!! The movie could showed me the original story in book without losing its message.

But nothing is perfect, and adopted a book to movie has its own challenge.. I began with what I found surprising in good way about the movie:
1. The Minangkabau accent (especially Hayati’s uncle/Mamak) and all of the way its used were almost authentic and consistent 🙂 .
2. The 90’s background of Indonesia also felt real.
3. The poetic and hyperbole conversation they used in letter as how the story been told. Similar.

And here some of flaws I felt when watch the movie:
1. Batipuh written in the movie settled in Padang. Hmmm, as I know Batipuh is a small area near Padang Panjang, Tanah Datar, I supposed.
2. The special effect when Hayati arrived at Harbor near Kapal van Der Wijk is hmmmm…just Rough…
3. Maybe this just for me, but why when heart broken scene felt “too much” for me and rather than touchy I found it somehow funny (my bad sense of humor, maybe)

Beside all of those flaw, this movie succeed to remind me those piece heartbroken story mingled with revenge, culture border, and hope…


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