Goodbye 2013

Dear 2013,

Thank you for all the chance you give me during your life time…
Many things happen when you there, Either good or bad..
I experienced so much pain with you,
But the joy, the excitement, and that chance of life we spend together, were much more I remind..

Now, you should to leave..
And I should to move..

I’ll learn to make the baby step again
I’ll learn to deal with the uncertainty again,
with the future..

And you know, it always scares me..

But I ever promise you..
I won’t give up..
Give up for chance you pushed me to choose..
To live..

You showed me it’s not about win nor lose..
Life is about a journey with time..
A journey I choose where to begin, where to end, and how to crave its meaning in my heart..
You showed me it’s not all about what I have already got..
Whispering, it’s about how I make a plan, make it work, and learn to be happy for whatever that’s should end.

And now,
I should to let you go..
Welcoming new uncertainty,
Planning new move..
I should face life again,
Survive without you.

You already backed me up for the precious thing: strength, lesson.
You told me in the final word.
“I am the precious thing, but I passed now, another precious time would come to you, just don’t waste it.. And never regret..”

I hate to say goodbye.
I don’t need to say a goodbye.
But this is a goodbye, doesn’t it?


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