For A Friend

Last night I take a look for a photo album when I was still a student. That make me miss my school eras. Young. Free. But, rather than the time that I missed, I miss my friends mostly. It’s sad -sometimes- when I realize, now we have our own life, everybody seem to have daily habit that no longer involved each other. Limited call. Less topic to be spoken. Our laugh and happy face look so far  from now in the old picture.

Life is not same anymore for us.

However, anytime I remember them, when I was working, when I were sad, when I was celebrating a joy, I felt contentment. Blessed. Strengthened. Missing but not miserable.

Although our activity is apart by time and place, by strange and usual way, the state of friendship, the conversation we made, the dream we share, our way to help each other in a close touch, always remain be there. And that how I know why friend is precious thing.

A friend remind all good things about my self without have to said anything.
A friend make me smile without have to be near.
A friend always pray for my happiness though I don’t hear. Though I don’t know.
A friend is someone who live forever in my heart…

I thank you, friends..


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