How Enough is “Good Enough”?

What the best thing that come from “fall in love” for you?

For me, the best thing from fall in love, maybe those feeling empower me to be better and stronger, make me want to make an effort to be good enough, so I deserve to be with that someone.

But somehow, I found I asked myself “how good enough is enough?”

How enough “good” could be?

I ever felt exhausted for trying being “good” but I never felt that I am still good enough

In this dystopian universe, there’s nothing enough is enough. When I never though I were good enough for myself, I always felt hesitate about how could I become good enough for someone else. I always felt insecure in any boundaries, I couldn’t stand confidently as myself in a relationship. I couldn’t even forgive my self for something that out of my control. That when I realize: when I couldn’t be good enough for me, then one magic of love would disappeared for me. And I began to think: that fall in love do pursue us to be better but maybe some of us (whom have high greedy rates and perfectionist thought) would never felt content and satisfied…

and enough..

Try to be better doesn’t mean that we are not good enough.

That one of Lesson of Love I ever got. Maybe we just need to be good enough for ourselves..Good enough is when we think that’s we are good enough…


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