Just Necessary Amount

When I was a sophomore student, there’s no public library, no phone signal, no internet connection, no bookstore (in my hometown). Although its remote but thanks for the electricity and regular transportation. And it’s amazed how different between those late nineties from now..

When I was in high school, hesitancy or curiosity sometimes should bury in mind, probably wait to find the answer in a book at the school library. Information became a precious thing because its kinda hard to get.

Nowadays, with the advance of technology, getting information become easier. And the best part of that, the precious value of information do not make the information become worthless. But good thing always come with compensation. I realize this while my boss perceive my memo, said “It’s not okay if you give a people with information they don’t need. Give information just in necessary amount. Give information which were useful for the specific purpose”.

And I know what more precious than information and knowledge itself. Just like Holmes ever said, that’s an ability to filter the information, to know which were you should focuses to, which were you should to stand for..

With the flood of information, the unlimited source of knowledge, searching for information is not a challenge anymore, our own ability to put our self between the invisible border of curiosity instead. And I found it hard to do. Because isn’t human a greedy creature in earth?


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