The Trust

One of my colleague resign from his job, after almost 3 years had been working. The news spread widely and speculation start to begin. Those became the hot topic when lunch had held in my office.

The main reason why he choose to left was because he don’t go along with his boss. Classic, isn’t it. When come into job seem like we should to sold our idealism for monthly wage :), unsatisfied with something, or with some people. But that’s not the exact problem why my colleague choose to resign, the trust issue instead. His boss is not someone who could trust his subordinate.. He choose to have all job done by himself.. That’s how everything going worst.

And I began to wonder…

Trust is heavy to give… The more you put trust to someone, the more you lower your awareness and become more fragile (and easily betrayed). But, when you couldn’t rely on somebody, either your friends, your spouse, your subs, or your team member, you would face the world harder and more complicated.

Trust is very important in a human relationship. It just not as simple as choose between the black and the white. Like there’s not only those two color appeared in life. We believe our closest friends much more that our ordinary friends, we believe our friends more than our colleague (maybe), we believe our colleague more than our rival, some people somehow believe their rival more than their spouse :). Trust is an object of relativity rule. Measuring based on comparing. And its not valued in definite number. So you could not know exactly how proper you put trust into someone. We take a risk and we must prepared for the consequences. When a person hard to trust the other, its means the more coward they become, and vice versa. When a person too easy to trust the other, the more careless they become.

The quality of trust come usually and logically equal with time. After some trial and proven. But with the uncertainty of the universe, some people found still hard to trust the other. Well, although it makes sense and necessary, still, it didn’t make their life easier.

But there’s something more important than trust the other. Trust ourselves. When we couldn’t trust ourselves, the more we stand for other faith and let it driven us. When we pretend too much, at some point we couldn’t know who we really are, what exactly we want, and how we define ourselves. And we would become a living corpse, not an individual.

Maybe we should begin with listen to other sincerely, write about what on our mind, explore our sense of art. Try our best to be honest.

#November reflection, in order to praise the move of my colleagues.


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