The Attraction of Money vs Knowledge (Employee Cases)

Those day I have a chat with someone while doing some of “girly stuff” :D. We jumped to talked about -unexpectedly- job and salary. She asked me how many IDR I got per month, am I hold my first degree, etc.

I told her about my job, I give her such a glimpse of the salary range. She said the people with such qualification where she have been working is paid better than me, she “just hang around” with less thing to do.

I responded, said have a huge salary is bliss, but if we haven’t got any chance to expand nor applied our knowledge (not limited for specialization area in our latest degree), I guess that would be stressful. Then she asked me “what now we need? Money, doesn’t it?”

She told me, she is a nurse, but she haven’t applied her competence in nursing areas again because when she did that she just paid in low wage and now-although her current job doesn’t give more experience or knowledge rather her job as a nurse-she paid better.

I am not going to said that’s was wrong. When money become our first concern to choose a job. I guess it realistic instead. Because money have countable value that we could measure, unlike absurd thing such happiness, supported environment, the knowledge/experience nor volume of job itself. But heard that such things, I just feel…rude…or maybe desolate..

Once in my life, I have told by my father when we should to choose between money or knowledge, choose that knowledge first, because by having it you would have money also. Knowledge do not supposed to make your life harder. That stuck in my mind. And I take the conclusion: when you have money that’s a result of knowledge. But I don’t dare to conclude when you haven’t got money that’s mean you don’t have knowledge.
Back to the case about between money and knowledge in a job… I found I asked myself how long we going to search for money? How long we want to learn than want to make money or to got easy job? Maybe until we decide to stop, or until we change our faith..
I curious to find the answer…
Maybe it’s always about what we let our self to choose…

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