In life,
No matter how fast we’d like to run,
No matter how hard we make a fight,
No matter how bad we want to make a change,
There’s a time when we should slow our pace and forced to wait..

Wait like trading with destiny,
Gambling with time,

It is welcoming two extremely probabilities,
Choosing uncertainty,

We put a space..
Sometimes it’s full with hope,
But another times it’s….just lethal way to live.

We play with mind..
And there’s no guarantee we could always win.
All we could do is consider the strength,
Determine how long we gonna play, Decide how far we would handle the game,

So when its time to play,
Try the hardest to enjoy it,
Decide when to stop it and when to begin new game,
Or you gotta let the other to choose your end.

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