A Day in September 2009 ~ Some Flashback (Part 1)

September 30th 2009. I haven’t realized 4 years already passed by. I don’t know the reason why I remind that right now. Maybe I just remembered, or maybe just because of another homesick. That’s not an important thought now, I guess. But founding my memory began to depict that moment again today… well, all the feeling mingled in my mind: hopeful, thankful, blissful for that one day in the September. A day when the 7.6 SR earthquake shaken West Sumatera in 2009.

That day, I began my morning as always, attended the lectured in the morning, clueless about what would become as the scariest moment I experienced in life. The sky was clearly blue as always, the coastal area was still hot without heavy rain. Maybe I just mistakenly interpreted the day as an ordinary day, who could predict a disaster were going happened? Had finished all the obligatory class in that day, some of my friends headed to next class, another one going to do some literature study, another just go home. I altogether with some friends had to make the group report for the Community Services Program which had finished less than a month before, done. “We should to complete that report in the noon” was stuck in my mind that time. And that how I with another group member planned to spend the historical day. Had the report completed.

I was in my rent room when the vibration of the earthquake took place. I hadn’t going to take this seriously. I was familiar (enough) with the slip of the earth plate things. The earthquake is not a rare incident. But after some minute-or maybe second, the shake were not going to slower, stronger instead. And I know we couldn’t take this as ordinary as always. The electricity suddenly off, the strength of the vibration already screwed us. I altogether with my friends run to the open court in front of my room. We had been standing there like we were not stepped at the ground, holding hand together. I heard my friends cried while we stared at the evidence of the chaos. The mirror had shattered by its own, like a madly powerful virtual hand had its crashed. The pillars from a nearby building had fallen apart. We were trapped in the court, with no abilities to run, and the vibration not going stopped. There was a big possibility we were going to pinned down by all of this mess. And that time it felt really going to happen.

I got scared of dying. That exactly how I felt in the time. There so many things I want to do in life. It felt unfair to die right know. I felt scared for faced something that I really don’t know. I felt scared for something that I didn’t prepare and clueless about hereafter. I did ever told and have a wild imagination about hereafter, but when it feels that close, it really screwed me. If there’s hereafter really exist, I don’t know were I good enough to heaven. I didn’t ready to die-yet (Never know if I ever ready for this). And I couldn’t become sincere for let go all of this mundane life.

The duration of earthquakes less than 5 minutes but it felt like a whole life. When it had stopped, thankful for the chance is my first reaction, for the chance of still being alive.

Until the second though come to mind. Was there another earthquake? What happen to family and friends? How strong exactly this quake? Would this disaster followed by tsunami (that would become horrific because this seashore is nearby of the urban areas)? There’s so many question needed an answer when all of the supported media couldn’t work well in the time. The communication providers were stop working, the electricity was off, and the night was going to come.

For the very first time of my life I know how exactly it felt to become a natural disaster’s victim. And there’s not easy, but somehow its strengthened and it’s a starter..


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