The Prejudice

(picture taken from this site)

I’ve heard (again) about marriage that got cancelled because of racial issue.  I got irritated to heard this story, this repetition again and again. The pride and prejudice. Sampling and generalization. Love seem doesn’t have any strength at all,  couldn’t overpass the difference.

Differential issues either ideology, racial, social, economic or other strata have begun maybe since human know what history is. And we could see how far (and somehow terrifying) that issues influences our whole life. From cancelled marriage, enforced segregation until the genocide.

Maybe that’s true if assessing and beware are human nature. But how does it feel to be judged because of something you couldn’t choose to be who you are? Like what race you were born or where you came from. That you don’t given any opportunity, any trial,  to be known as an individual, some people already set an idea of  who were you based on a community properties or believe/pride/prejudice instead. The fact, we couldn’t make generalization for only nonliving or heartless things… We take sample, make conclusion, build pride. We treat another human t just like another nonliving object.

And than we said we appreciated the difference but we let this started a war . We said we rational but don’t you think we also illogical?


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