Palasik “A Not-So-Similar Vampire Legend from Minangkabau”

Once upon in time when I was a high school student, I had been attending a party (baralek) in my hometown. There’s something caught my interest that day. Not the celebration that I found stunned, but an invitation guess. She was a mother who brought not more than 2 years old baby. A garlic hooked in his clothes. And I just know why it had been there. She tried to protected her son from a legendary blood sucker. Not a blood sucker from Von Helsing family, but another blood sucker whom known best by Minangkabau mother. Palasik.

Palasik is a popular legend from Minangkabau. He is known as a cursed man who possess an advanced black magic those should to suck the blood of baby through their crown in the night. Usually-in the legend-he does not have another cruel or bad characteristic. During the day he just an ordinary man, but the cursed make him should to do such blood-sucking thing. Unlike vampire, Palasik become a blood sucker because of he has the aptitude. If he got old and going to die, he should to grant this ability to his descent, or he wouldn’t going to die. Because this capability is a cursed through generation, the villager usually could make a prejudice whom the Palasik is.

Palasik usually determine his target through saw them in crowded place. Maybe in party or downtown. To protect their baby from Palasik, mother in Minangkabau uses the garlic and scissor as amulet. And there’s a taboo for a mother who meet Palasik to duck out from him. Instead she has to respect him and kiss his hand. But when a baby got his blood sucked by palasik- characterized by supple and the sunken crown (if you thought this because of dehydration just keep this though for yourself, because this make the whole story less chilling:))- the mother would be adviced to come along and ask his help and the baby may survive. If not..yup life and death doesn’t Palasik given.

This legend is very popular in Minangkabau. Because of its popularity, a decade before, there’s a cinema filmed based of the story and broadcasted through Indonesia with the surprisingly high rating.

Is there any of Minangkabau people nowadays still believe in his existence?? As I asked my mother (whom more than 6 decade apart from me and almost a villager). Did she believe in this story while she was young, did she also protected me by the garlic and scissor when I was a baby girl? She answered me, its hard for her to believe the existence of Palasik, but she won’t take any risk to me, so yes I also ever experienced uses a garlic as amulet hooked in my clothes. Like the baby boy I saw..

One thought on “Palasik “A Not-So-Similar Vampire Legend from Minangkabau””

  1. Vampire is have two spesification from their meal, the first who drink blood and the other who drink life essence, so palasik is the second genre

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