Best Choice?

(picture taken from this site)

A friend of mine ever wrote in her facebook wall..

When we fail or lost in something, or when our path become difficult to take, is that kind of God’s way to tell us the something better to left or is that His sign for us to make a harder effort?

I wondered about the question so many times. ‘What if this way is the best way for me? Because God let me through this way, I should not leave

Well, just by thinking of that, make me heard like a coward (I guess).

I told my friends about those thought, madness was her reaction. She told me this, which stuck in my mind until now

” You would never know which were best for you, or why God had chosen you in this way. So don’t ever wonder about that. All you going to do in this life is choose. So if you asked which would be better to leave or to stay, to stop or to continue, well…there’s no absolute best. If you choose to stay, take it without granted, if you choose to leave, face it with dignity. In life we create choices“.

I was a bit speechless when hear that. The words somehow remind me of quote from my favorite book. Life just like a puzzle. You choose a piece and place it in your whole picture. There’s so many choice you could take, but each choice lead you to another more puzzle pieces and would affected the appearance of the whole puzzle.

So, anytime I feel hesitated I remember those words, I am stop for wonder what would best or better. I am going for some advice, and in the end when I make my choice I promise my self I would take the responsibility, either the direct effect makes me feel better or not. There’s no best or worst choice because I would never know what will going to happen when I choose the others. Let it be the God’s omnisaen.

From those words, I take my conclusion about life. It is not to find what best or better, but to make and live a choice whatever the consequences.


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