Bad Luck and Happiness

During my homecoming day in August, I had found some memorabilia from my childhood.

And belonging to them … *JrengJreng*

A Secondhand Disney Magz!!!! (Pictures taken from toko, kayak kagak ada sumber lain aja :D, )

My favorite character is (off course):


Bad luck follows him everywhere

His temper,

His habit

Terrifying …

Always got fired (especially by Uncle $crooge/Paman Gober), his shellacking with Gladstone/Untung angsa as his immortal rival…

His caring for the nephew (Huey, Louie, Dewey), his friendship with Joe Carioca, his adventure, his life in Duckburg, his imperfection, his story…

Showed there’s so many things happen in daily life…

Either good or bad…

That life is imperfect, almost bad luck…

But good compensation always there…

And I am happy for him…

#Childhood memories 🙂


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