All August Wishes

August is memorable..The eid, my first homecoming day, and my birthday *yAy* are my August precious moments. A little confusing to choose what I would like to tell during those unusual course.. Hehehe…

Personally, this moment somehow similar with the new year. Birthday reflected new age and moments that had passed before. Trying to found hope and learning from past mistake.

Endures my latest age I had done the unusual daily routine to obtain my obsession. Firstly, I became a scholarship hunter: I wrote a proposal, I took test, I attended seminar, I read much journal and I haven’t get the scholarship (yet :D).. Then I learn to wrote in blog regularly. I also got my first salary during past age. Well, earning money which you could share is truly a-oh-so-good feeling. But I also learn there’s much more than money that could make you enjoy life.

And this is a reminder for my own self, my pray.. (This scared me, somehow):

1. Have my own foundation
2. Inspiring someone
3. Finished my own book
4. Study abroad
5. Show to my friends how worth they for me..

Alhamdulillah for the August. Wish I could be better from now and upward..

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