My English Tenses Map

It is hard for me to study English grammar. All the tenses seem overlap in my mind. In order to remind me, once upon in time I created the scheme below to help, although maybe the tenses not as simple as showed 😀

The Map

In my plain mind, I interpret them like this :

1. The SIMPLE one>>> when we want to make an simple tenses based on the time

2.  The CONTINUOUS one >>> when we want to emphasize the continuity of  the action

3. The PERFECT one >>> when we want to told an action as appropriate as the time of action; perfect in past, perfect in present, and perfect in future

5 thoughts on “My English Tenses Map”

    1. I didn’t dare to say whether the map perfectly correct or not. Just keep in mind that the map suppose to make learning grammar easier and should not use solely to learn English.
      I hope you found both the map and the answer, helpful. Thanks for the commeny 🙂

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