Good Leader should be…

What you think good leader should be? How you set a border for whether someone is a good leader or not? Do you have any criteria of a good leader?

Since in our life is a circle of follow and being followed, we are going to be a leader someday in some way. So its ok to put any criteria. As you try to picturing how you think you going to be someday. To remind what you think right to do if one day you have a mandate for being one of

Well, I thought a good leader would be like this:
1. He/She able to make her/his subordinates better in their own way. The subordinates could explore and give their best under her/his surveillance. They not only do as said, but do the best effort and they happy when do it.
2. He/She must honest in any explanation whether to her/his bosses or her/his staff.
3. He/She could provide a solution in hardest problem rather than complaining or blaming.

Do you think that’s hard? Yes, it is not as easy as it sound. But, as usual for everything we thought about deed, why can’t we try? x)

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