The Disease Perspective

Sometimes we couldn’t accept what happen in our lives just by its existence. People tend to search for a purpose, want to questioning what’s the meaning under a circumstance. Such curiosity about being a human.

And same things happened when we talk about disease.

When we asking about why we got ail, we got virus, immunity, DNA, life style involved within. From scientific perspective. Some people who not satisfied enough still, asking, why that virus had to attack our body, and so on. Looking for answer from another sight, whatever logical reason you put there. Disease for human is more than low immunity, abnormal cell, or microorganism invasion but also social and cultural. More than just why we sick but also how and then.

A friends of mine told me this: when we got sick, that’s a cautionary measure from God about our life style that we should to improve. When we got chronic disease maybe that’s the way to lead us more closer to God.
Not a bad though, I guess. Dealing with disease never been easy, but when we have a positive thought, make everything more bearable. Our though always responsible for every action that we would take.

Among the positive mindset that we put about a disease, there’s always a contrary perception. Bad paradigm stick with some disease. For example are patient (and also their family) with HIV AIDS or epilepsy. They suffer from negative thought that come as additive through the disease. Those issues more than just virus interfere your DNA coding or abnormal electrical charge in your neuron. The way you choose to live your life, who your parent are, also indirectly questioning. Almost. Sometimes it is harder to overcome than disease itself. You should deal with how people set in their mind about the disease and how they react based on those thought.

Although health practitioner need to see a disease as a disease: just a conditional of ail, it is almost impossible for human to erase the though that stuck with any of that. Not fair. Not right. Just real. But, we could change it. Rather than erase a perspective, why can’t we just see through another point of view? Rather than see not curable disease as punishment why couldn’t we think that as any forms to learn about more and more. Rather than see that as a border why can’t we set this as challenge to pass through?? Maybe we can’t through a major change but why can’t we only try??

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