My 7 Ways to Deal with Embarrassing Feeling

Who said dealing with chagrin and vexation is easy to overcome? This annoying feeling is out of control.
It just happen to be there.. It should to be not there, and this doesn’t bring anything reliable. But told ourselves about how not worthy this feeling is, wouldn’t makes this feeling easy to disappear.

So how should to stop this?
Well, I still in long journey to learn about dealing with this own feeling. But I have practiced some of this trick below, and (sometimes) it work! Its could level up my mood.

When got embarrassed, I choose to stand alone (because I am afraid my bad mood would lead to bad attitude and also give bad impact to the other) and practiced this:
1. Listen to a powerful song and sing along
2. Walking alone on unfamiliar pedestrian
3. Call a friend or (younger) family and have an unimportant chit chat
4. Read a good novel or comic
5. Spiritual healing (e.g. reading Qur’an, yoga)
6. Doing sport or doing continual housekeeper jobs until got very exhausted
7. Eat a lot of sweet calories!:)

That’s my way.

How about you?


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