Unlimited Patience

Ramadhan has begun. For me, this sacred month is prominently identical with the reinvigorate the spirit of patience. In Ramadhan, we are going to find out that patience is not an easy deed.

When we behest to restrain our emotion, maybe we are going to find that patience doesn’t mean infirm, and anger doesn’t mean emphatic. When anger put your emotion at a first place, patience held your emotion under a logical thought. It is like the red light that allowed you to stop a while and think what you should to do next in nanosecond. Patience is limitless. That why the ability named patience. But human set it in border. Patience doesn’t mean give an excuse to wait, or any excuse to irresolution. Patience is accepting what we couldn’t change and retrying to turn for found out another way.

When we were ordered to share, maybe we are going to figure out that patience is a sincere. How could we being patience if we couldn’t sincere with all we already give and all we already take-whether it is our time, our hobby, or our wealth? And how could we sincere for something if we couldn’t be patience for everything that set in front of our ways?

When we trying to fasting, maybe we going to sensing everything has it time. As we know what we want to reach, how we get there, and make every effort with forbearance step, there must be a consolation wait there in the end.

Ramadhan Mubarak 😀


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