Origin, Inherited Disease, and Human Right

“Quality, origin and rank” alias “bobot, bibit, bebet” is popular term for looking daughter/son in law or spouse in Indonesia. In wider scope, this term is something that should to consider for whom you would like to involve within your association circle. I were a hypocrite if I never consider this “quality, origin, and rank” for my own good society. But hearing this term just doesn’t feel right. Despite of our right and ability to choose or set of own criteria, it seems not fair set a stigma about someone, an individual, for something they don’t have any power to change. Since quality and rank are properties that we could choose, we could fight for, we could change, but origin is something out of our control. You couldn’t choose who your mother. You couldn’t choose from which race you were born. You couldn’t choose what kind of DNA would set the code of your cell.

The reason origin is someone criteria of consideration strongly related to health. Some disorder only inherited by DNA. Like some elder said you won’t like to see your son or grandson should deal with some of inherited disease because of your spouse descendent. And from that thought you begin restricted and categorized people. It is realistic but is not right. Inherited disease is something that out of our control, unlike you would able to choose to be a smoker or a drug dealer. It just set there within your DNA. And this also set you for a whole individual, a human thing. Unlike habit or behavior that for damn sure, we could put extra effort to change, inherited disease is not. Since a human born, with or without an obstruction fenotipe through their DNA, they blessed with same responsibility and same right. Including the right of feeling save and to respected for all of what we have done.


Human right is an ideal thing. Sometimes it seems unrealistic and not applicable. But it doesn’t mean that we should stop to appreciated and fight for it.


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