The Savor of Being Honest

Today I got learn something about being honest. For a person who can easily intimidate by the other, I could become speechless just because of hesitating attitude about my statement. Even if I have a basic foundation about what I want to say, I always think that I only save a limited knowledge beyond my memories, I only knew a bit among the unlimited sciences of the magical universe. And I am afraid of being arrogant. Maybe this count as my cons, but this thought also lead to my lack of confidence. What if I am wrong? I don’t know as much as them, whom more experience, more trustworthy. My safest escape is said something honest like “I don’t know” although I guess I know what to say, but confrontation, being wrong, bad reaction frightening me. Coward, doesn’t it? But today I tried to say something that I really mean, trying to ignore my mental block, trying to not truly care about the others though and responses. And I learn new thing about being honest.

Being honest not only have courage to admit what you can’t do but also could say what you could offer

Being honest not only able to told what you don’t know but also what you exactly know and you could responsible for

Being honest is not only forgiving yourselves for something you couldn’t change but also believing about what you thought and share that humbly

Being honest is an ability to confess for being wrong and possibility of being right

Being honest is brave for against all of your fear for not listened, for being arrogant, for being understatement, for being not understandable and you still able for being honest

Being nice is not always said something to other in order to plead them.

Being nice is being honest


Today, I am saved from such cowardice by being listened. No matter how not understandable the words I used from the beginning, no matter how foolish my ideas sound, I found I want to talk more and more when I were listened, responded by good reaction, by good words. And I experienced wondrous feeling of ” Whew, this is the exactly how it feel when we say something honest. It is not hurt. It is amazing“. Honestly set me free.


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