A Story from a Trip with TransJakarta *

Last night is my latest trip with the busway. I guess I had seen enough in the name of the Jakarta’s street ;). Good, dazzling, frightening. Since witnessing violence in the bus, experienced faint, lost, and (the most usual thing) being push away for the bus till it’s so hard for breath. I am seeing Jakarta as the place where everyone trying so hard to reach whatever their dream or destination, with an exhausting and also incredible effort. The questions are: how much this condition going to affect you? How would you react?

That day was another day of my weekend trip with @nnisachairani by Transjakarta in late and hot afternoon. The passenger amount had increased more and more through the shelter. The bus became so crowded and some people need to stand in bus. At a bus’s stop point, there’s a mother and her daughter hitch to ride this bus, with baggy clothes but not shabby enough to categorized them as the beggar. Since the door opened, the mother yelled loudly to her daughter whom not more than junior high school age. It seem like this children had complained to her mother that she didn’t like to move by Transjakarta, and she had experienced fatigue for moving through the city. The mother was yelling “If you want to have a cozy trip just ride by taxi. Don’t always complaining and whining”. With that, she rammed her daughter’s forehead to the glass breaker in this public transportation. I’ve got shocked. A tighten silence arise, suddenly all other conversation before stopped, until the only thing I could hear only the mother, whom going to yell again and ramming (again) while her daughter did not even tell a thing. The other passenger (including myself) only watch them in silence and the TransJakarta still move. This moment such happened in a flash and upshot a tighten silence continue until some minutes rest.

After passed through some shelter I took a look by stealth for the eyes of two people whom set this drama in the bus. The daughter, had her gaze down, and the-cruel- mother had her gaze upfront, wondering gaze. I guess I catch the glimpse of an exhausted look from the older woman. I couldn’t help myself for wonder, what kind of life they had deal within everyday? How the daughter would be when she is going 20? What exactly I supposed to do when I saw the scary moment that just happened in a minutes before?

Transjakarta in one of its best scene 😀

*Happy Birthday Jakarta. I hate when I think this: so many changes that should deed about this city, but I feel so powerless to make just a little impact.

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