The Most Remembering about Public Transportation in Padang

Since half of my daily life spent in street, road transportation already became a very important part of my life. And because I don’t hold any driving licenses, public transportation is my only hope for physical moving, with the only exception is travel by own feet :D. When I had arrived in Jakarta, I got shocked for its crowded and numoureous of its public transportation. Enter: ojeg, bajaj, angkot, kopaja, metromini, electrical train, transjakarta, buses, etc.

Modified Angkot in Padang, an extravagant! (Source: Blog tetangga ;))

The complicated and busy traffic lines in Jakarta also bring another challenge in order to reach your destiny. Can’t help my self for feeling the slack of public transportation in Padang is another big loss that I have to face. Another “big loss” of public transportation in Padang that I have to accept are:

Loud Music

Well, it’s a common thing in Padang that any driver of public transportation, Angkot and buses specially, always set their audio mobile with the EXTRA LOUD sound systems. And this become a chronic habitual of the driver, especially for the young ones. The music of an Angkot have became its stunning point, despite of its m. That’s the token of an Angkot for entitled popular.

An Angkot Audio Systems. (Nyontek blog lain, hope not an authorized of copyright image 🙂

There’s a case when a passenger asked the driver of an angkot to played down the music, and guess what his respond? Instead of deed what the passenger had been asked for, he prefer to command the passenger to stop right there and choose another angkot!!! This is a story that I always laugh at, no matter how many repetition of the story I had been told. :D. Well, I am not missing this lost so much :


If you were familiar with crazy wire of traffic line in Jakarta, you will found route of any road in Padang absolutely an easy thing to remember. But I am not that familiar with those rote.

Your Color Define Your Identity

Relevant with the less complication of public transportation in Java, the route of an angkot always could be specified by its color. Not combination on color or number. There’s also a different route of the Angkot, but you could easily known the difference from the display of the angkot. If you have a trip to Bukittingi, you going to figure out the opposite of this rule. In Bukittinggi, the Angkot number show the route and the destination, because all of Angkot in Bukittingi have same color. The red ones.

One Last Destination

Every Angkot in Padang have SAME END POINT OF ROUTE: Pasar raya. And no other. So no matter how unfamiliar you with this city or the street, you could make any move by any Angkot and you will never get lost.


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