Cherished Life _ Believing in Miracle

For a week, I found my life doesn’t on the right tract :p. It’s not counted as one of my best time when I found myself shattered between the reality and dream. Demanding for love, convention or acceptation. Desperate for knowing how to surviving and struggling.

Grieving and whimpering is humane. But, deed that continuously would be pathetic and it doesn’t make me feel better at all.

Above it all, I figured out there’s life itself that I should to cherished to. Realizing life is short. How would you know when or where you are going to gasp your last breath?

Because being alive and become a part of this world is a miracle.

Had figured it out after watching this video:

Wondering how could the small DNA in cell would take its part and make its way to born as human’s perfect baby?

Then, have caught in sweet conversation with friends of mine makes it better.

Well, sometimes it’s no need to know what the meaning of our lives or our existences in this world first. Maybe this irritating and hard thought should come after the appreciation for being alive first, for being a part of this spell when we hardly to believe in a blatantly miracle, with the fairy or Cinderella’s story involved in it.

Have good friend, family, dream, health, life, social media, or internet maybe more obvious evident of miracle than have any glimpse on whether the Harry Potter’s or Gennie’s spell would able to put the supper on table or not.

Highly dedicated to my besties.I owe you more than I could pay 🙂


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