The Matrilinier Culture of Minangkabau

Minangkabau become famous because of its one and only Matrilinier culture among variant culture in Indonesia archipelago.

As a person who spent all of her entire life in this culture, I noted this culture like this:

What’s matrilinier system means?

You belong in a society if your mother also are part of that community. Inherited blood. Which were family tree build from woman view. Which were inherited property owned by woman. And there’s daughter who should take care of their parents. The man has bigger responsibility, not only for his own family (his wife and his children) but also should to take care for his sister and his nephew as community leader.

Although nowadays the view of culture and paradigm have been shifted, but still, this culture have impact the way of think and the socialization process of Minangkabau people in general.

and this how the Matrilinier culture nurturing the ancient of Minangkabau people’s life:

1. Legacy
As said above, inherited legacy (only the inherited legacy or harto pusako) like ethnicity land (tanah suku) and rumah gadang, literally own by minangkabau’s woman. There’s no landlord but ladylord :). If a family have any ethnicity property, then the property would owned to the heiress. If they haven’t have any daughter, the property would inherited by the sister, even they have son. This property, based on ancient culture law, should to inherited from daughter to daughter, and not permitted to sell except for this condition:
1. Rumah gadang katirisan (Literally: the leak of Rumah Gadang, the house for whole family. Its mean you don’t have any money anymore to save Rumah Gadang)
2. Mayat terbujur diatas rumah (Literally: the corpse lie in front of house. Its mean you don’t have any money to held a proper funeral for your family member)
3. Gadih gadang alun balaki
(Literally: the girl haven’t married yet. Its mean you don’t have any fund to held a proper marriage based on minangkabau culture)

2. Marriage
About this thing, you could refer to the previous pos

From my point of view, there’s nothing truly special about funeral in minangkabau. The funeral always held based on belief or religion and the matrilinier culture just affected the determined place where the ceremony would held and where grave would takes places for the corpse. There’s woman/mother family who most responsible people to held funeral.

Sometimes this culture look like balled up and sound weird :), but there’s many side of this culture should to appreciate. How do you think? Don’t hesitate to leave any comment below..

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