Good People Do Exist

Those noon was one of bad day. I was not in a good mood with all the creepy stuff stacking on my mind. Found my self walk alone from the office complaining about unfair thing, in the sidewalk, look through crowded road of Tangerang. Sighing about the traffic, dust, afraid just to cross the street. Whining, asking, though arrogantly “What I’ve done? Just able to see this rural area of lower class? Is only this much that my 5 years study could give me? How come all of I did just bring me this far? When I just unable to cross the street with many of car and truck which is no one is belong to me :)).” Feel really lost and heartbreak.

So I just look with angry and confused sight through the road. When an old man-tukang ojek: a paid motorcycle driver :)- asked me “neng, mau nyebrang ya?”. Smiled. Sincerely… And without even wait my answer, he stretched his hand to stop all the vehicle along the street, help me cross that street. When I got across, I could only said with an unclear intonation-my gratitude. He smiled again.

That time, all of the sighing thought flew out of my mind. Its felt so warm. My heart full of hope. If I could borrow Light Yagami of Death Note term, in this rotten, unreliable city, I found that good people with sincerity do exist. Even you are alone, you haven’t found what you search yet, even you are not in love, even you couldn’t give anything to other, there’s  a stranger, good one there who can give you a sincere smile, and saved your day. And life feel not so bad. Whatever the problem, good things would feel like hope that make you want to share.

Realizing, the precious good thing not always come from big pretentious things…


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