MY First Experience with Economy Class of The Jabodetabek Electrical Train

Despite of take rest after have ailed fever for more than a week, I choose to pay a call for two of close friends and colleagues. One of them lose her 19 days newborn baby and another one has broken her arm while she had been taking a bicycle riding. So, I should thought I was healthier and it a must to me to visit them all with the cheapest public transportation could offer to save my pocket :)..

My first visit, full of distressed and sorrow. It bring another long story to tell, about woman’s courage, life, and mother. I’ll leave it for another time, today I intend to write about my transit trip between those route.

Actually, I had taken several trip with electrical train of Jabodetabek, but I always rush with commuter line ones before. Yesterday was a special case. I took an economic class offered, because its arrived earlier than CL, and I didn’t want to wait alone. BTW, I was curious about trip with this class, since my friends had told me to took a trip with this vehicle sometimes (But they all aware me not to go alone, which I had disobeyed).

In conciseness, I found my self in one of the wagon. I had already heard much things about my mates experiences while they had been riding with this train: ‘it’s where you learn much about life in an hour’ said a friend (she the philosopher ones), ‘it is crowded, it is dense, full of beggar who you only saw in tv or you would never imagine, no AC, where you should to beware’ told a realistic ones.

Experienced it directly and only heard about it, absolutely gives you a different meaning.

Two thing I notice most, were:
First thing, when two little girls beggar: one of them with a heavy speaker hang down by her neck, and the other one sing with a sleepy and tiring faces. The though of where they mother was, how they educated to earn money, and I tried to predicted their personality although I don’t deserve to. Suddenly at that time I also remembered the friend of mine’s new born baby.

And another thing, when a very old woman beggar with rubbertape bandage her whole leg and sat on barren sofa foam-which also bandage within her body-and crawl along the wagon corridor. That’s would be picturing in my mind forever.

Without any closed door, I saw home made from cardboard box through the rail and a person live there…

Sometimes I wonder why should I saw this such a thing? I don’t know why life is strange and complicated to understand (if you think too much), why I can’t keep my mind to stop questioning?

KRL Commuter Line wagon which were so different with the economy class of KRL Jabodetabek
KRL Commuter Line wagon which were so different with the economy class of KRL Jabodetabek

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