Fighter- Dreamer-Women

Every people have their own obsession and passion. But not every people have courage to search it (including myself :)).. Not every people really stubborn to sacrifice what they have got, in order to take the path-without any guarantee to success. You beg with all of your life and future. Sometimes you are not only put your life in this gamble, but also your family’s fate, your community’s fate, and so on. It is scary. Maybe you win, maybe you fall, fail, and lost. Seem like you are in a story you choose to write but you don’t know how it would end…

In this woman international day, from my blogwalking experiences, I notice this woman who passionate enough to leave their comfort zone to follow their heart and passion:

1. Dina @DuaRansel
Leave your doctoral degree, sell your apartment, leave your normal life, and live nomads by backpacking around world,
would you dare enough?

2. YUI
Drop out from your high school (in country where school and academic like a deity) Leave your hometown when you were only 16 to the unfamiliar biggest capital of your country, that sound scary for me..

3. Rachel Corrie
When sitting here, it is so hard to imagine there’s outside, people should fight for their right for breath and freedom. In this century, violation for human right still exist. Have you imagined yourself go to middle east all alone, with restricted permission to enter? Although maybe because only the bad luck of accident that bring this girl to go away, but I always appreciate her dedication to others life.

Do you want to add the list or make your own? I wish whoever them, they all could inspire you and give the positive feeling to find and search your dream.

Happy woman days…

A daughter open the heaven’s door for her father, a wife complete life of her husband, and a mother is someone who heaven laid beneath her feet

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