My Most Inspiring Woman

I ever published this post before, but I lost this post because of my stupidity T_T .. So here I am, repost again about the people who affect me to make my path in this life (҂’̀⌣’́)9. They are all woman whose their though, their speech, their action, could influence my thought and my choice (that why I called all of them as inspiring, rite? ^^) .

Here they go:
1. My Mother
Mother is greatest woman, with the heaven beneath her feet.
Although she is not a perfect person, but because of her, I live, I become who I am. Someone who gives much without takes anything. The person I first learn about her name, about grateful, about sincerity, about affection. How can all side of her couldn’t affect me much?
I love her. Most. More than I could say. More than word can explain.

2. My professor
During, my last year in college, I did my final project under a great woman supervision. Her name is Henny Lucida. Many side of herself I appreciate. The way she though, she act, her ingeniously, how she faces problem after problem, make me adore her so much. I ever said to my own self, someday, if I cannot pass her, I want to be like her..(For me she’s so hilarious :)), till now, I still have that thought (sometimes, I think this thought is so fool, rite? ^^, but, I think I gonna search for the continuity of this obsession ) please pray for me 🙂

3. Ai Haibara
Have you ever read Detective Conan? Ai haibara is one of the character in this manga. She’s not for real. But that-her-existance-in-such-manga makes me choose to be who I am. When I was in high school, I imagine myself to be like her someday. This imagination makes me choose the major in college that I never interested before. If I remembering that time, I still feel the naïve and fool teenager myself was. In spite of that stupidity, without that fool though and ridiculous imagination, I guess I would never ended up like myself now (although myself now is nobody, but I am happy to be who I am now :))

4. Yui
If there’s any jpop’ers who don’t know who yui is (I don’t have any precise vocabulary than this): SUNGGUH TERLALU :). I appreciate her for her struggle to achieve her dream, her brave for make decision, her attitude before and after she become a popular artist, and for her sweet, touchy lyrics. Sometimes her lyrics give me courage to face life.

I wrote this testimonial in order to show my appreciation and also to remind myself about what I wanna do in live, what I wanna achieve, and to remind me: there’s nothing come perfect in this world, but fighting for life, for what we believe, makes us alive and makes us become a human (҂’̀⌣’́)9 ..


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