How You Gonna See the Skyline?

I ever read this quote somewhere: although we see the same sky but we will see through distinctive skyline..

Recently, I found separate blog about papua and jakarta. The both of those articles remembered me about the quote above. Before write more about that articles, I would like to ask: what come inside your mind when you heard about those provinces? Do you imagine their nature, their people, their social life, their culture?
I did..

When I read those blogs, I was lost in tough. I play with my own mind: what if I was born in papua, what if I was born in Jakarta. What would be I am now? If I was able to choose, what place I am going to choose as my birth place? And I compare with my own self, where I was born and growth with where I was stay now. I realize, everywhere we stay, although we have same opportunity to catch our happiness, but opportunity not always equal for some cases. For example, in jakarta it would be easy to find place with the hotspot, but would be that easy to find place with wifi connection in papua? Would the opportunity to find those kind of place gonna equal in java and papua? I guess no. And this small thing gonna take impact to how we communicate to each other, how we see the world, how we try to understand each other. The environment would affect us more than genetic impact..

And as conclusion I found: being different is not bad but treated unequally as human, as a citizen, does not feel right at all


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