When Flood Hit The Capital

‘Flood had hit around Jakarta!!’. This just the same problem, occur annually and I saw the video about this every year, but for my whole life, this is the first time I ever experiencing flood disaster impact by myself.

Rain fall down consecutively for more than three days. The very very wet January. And I can’t deny this weather is one causal of this flood hitting, as the news report about the flood. But, in different areas, I ever experiencing more serious rain hit than this. For a week consecutively. As my conclusion, the rain fall should become as it is (Rain is Blessing) than a big disaster like now. And I should not amazed with this situation.

Jakarta is a complicated city with bad urban development and also bad habit of its citizen (although I also belong as one of that bad citizen:)). Building, take land (that should act as absorption area) not only for recreation center or high class resident, but tragically, also for settlement residential area for lower class in the city. In this city named Jakarta! Seeing this settlement in video were very different with seeing directly by eyes. Have you ever saw a house with more than 4 people in a room not more than 3x3m, with baby or child there? And there is no toilet. And the trash around you. Imagine what would happen when flood hit.
As other disaster, flood questioning not only the impact but also the causal.

And for this time,  the incident, become a complicated problem, as tough as traffic problem in Jakarta. Too much causes (economic situation, poverty, culture) to much impact, so where to begin, where to start, is confusing… I guess it is so hard to be the governor of this capital. To take action.

Although this city, this situation, is not promising at all, but I hope Jakarta would be better in the future. Becoming the lovely city with light, without large-hiding-areas-that-could-make-you-cry.. Like it is now..


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