Helping or Tricked? Lie or truth? or Only a Game?

This is an unpleasant story to tell.

Beginning when I had got a message from my junior high school friend. She used her lil name, like we were done during our junior high school eras. As example: she usually called Rei. Who’s Rei? Her real nickname is Reina. So that’s she said she was.

She wasn’t in same class with me. She wasn’t someone who I ever talk a lot about my dream, people a like, dress I dream to buy. Her number wasn’t in my contact list. I don’t know much about her, how she pass her day in high school, what kind of thing that make her happy or sad, what kind of thing make her laugh or cry, what her favorite color, does she like cat or not. In simply words, I am not close to her.

But since I experienced my high school in a small village, I had known where her family live in, when she graduated her diploma, when she got married.. So, I was surprising when she text me, asking how’s my life. Pretending like she care, although I should though first, maybe she sincerely care.. Someone whom never you notice before, try to contact you again when you miles away from your hometown, doesn’t that make you feel excited or delighted? That’s exactly how I feel: delighted.

But after small unimportant chat, she said she need my help. She need some money, just a hundred thousand IDR, to bring her lil child to see the doctor. For me, as a fresh graduate people, who should to paid all the credit and rent alone, a hundred is something, but when someone really need your help, specially an old friend who said her child had ailed, don’t you think you should help her by all mean? So I ask her to call me, but she said she couldn’t. Then, we were continuing the conversation via SMS. I asked what her child’s disease , how long he experienced that, have she take him to the doctor, (she had said that her child got dengue fever for three days) I am sorry to hear that, and at the and ask her bank account.

But I stop there, I don’t know is this an evil side of me, who didn’t want to help my old friend, or angel side of me who told me to wary. All I know, at this step, I found myself questioning: why she ask me, whom thosand miles away from her to loan her a hundred thousand in this such urgent situation? Why not someone who close to her physically and can borrow her in cash? Why she should to loan just a hundred thousand to go to doctor, when I though as a nurse, she could easier to access health service? I don’t know whether she told me the truth or lie? And I am not someone who really close to her to believe in all she said in text after text. So I ask four my another high school friend, who really close to me, who that ‘Rei’ said she got my number from. They said they were asking for the same thing in different time. One of my friend were ask for that money since a week ago, another 2 day before, for the same reason. But they also couldn’t clarify whether she told us the truth or not, since she left our hometown from 2-3 years ago. They said they don’t have any money to loan to. That ‘Rei’ reply it with that’s okay, and asking my other high school number. It stop there.

I still don’t have any evidence and hesitate. Just in minute she text me again, asking have I transferred that money, I, my naïve and stupid self, told her, in straight words, I just couldn’t believe in her.

It’s not about money, nor a child soul, nor about she was lying or not. Its about to believe in someone. About sincerely. So I couldn’t send her any money. She reply it. And her replies shocked me. She said she regret to ever ask my help, she said I should to wait the news about her child’s death (I am very thankful that I not heard that news yet!) , and if it happen it would become my fault, said karma would happen to me.. Naudzubillah..

Then just a day and half after that incident, I got another massage from my other junior high school mate, whom I also not close to and whom I also don’t save her name in my contact list. Let just call her Arti. With just’ how are you’, she ask my help to loan her hundred and fifty thousand, said her mother’s disease relapse, and she need to buy some medicine. This time I said sorry and told her I don’t have money. She reply its ok, and asking my closest high school friend…

Now, much question come in my mind. What was going on? What happen in real? Are they truly Reina and Arti who I know? What was their motive for doing that? Was this only a game? Wallahua’alam..


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