Welcome 2013

So, we begin to enter the year of 2013. How do you feel? Exciting for welcoming new year? disappointing for year before? mingled? or feeling nothing special? Have you make any resolution? Maybe finishing school, finding job, traveling to a place, winning a competition, marrying a people, or anything? Are you kind of people that evaluate yearly progress at the end or at the begin of year?

Well, for me, the first day of a year remind me lot of things: hope, dream, age, moment, path I ever took, decision I ever made, etc. Every years, since I was in high school, never different. But today, for this year, I realize, although I always said to myself a good thing as my new year’s resolution, I never has been imagining to create a real action to reach it. For example, I said to myself, this year I wanna be a more confidence people, and I stop there. Without a follow up action. Without an answer of question: ‘how to?’ Without a real action. So I still stay in a grey area. In that case of resolution: being more confidence, it should bring a new question. By what way I can be a more confidence people? Maybe by improve my appearance, increase my language ability, add much friend. Then I shouldn’t stop there. There will be the next question ‘how to’ that need to answer, like: how to improve my appearance, how to improve my language ability, how too add much good friend. Maybe I should to go to beautician every week, I should to join a language forum, I should to read more article, etc. And from that way, I may see what can going wrong, what the challenge and the obstacles, and it will bring another new question; how I face it? Will I take an action? when? how long?

From a resolution, I guess we can make a whole plan of our life. But having courage to face it, is different case than just make any plan. Afraid of failure, afraid to leave a cozy area, and at much time we may wondering too much, questioning too much. So the resolution just become stack of good word in a diary… Like I did. But this year I wanna make a progress in my resolution (and my life). This become my welcoming new year. At last, I hope we all have happy year, happy day always, can reach our dream, whatever it was.


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