The Morning Scent

Salah satu dari banyak hal yang saya sukai dari pagi adalah aromanya, aroma yang sulit untuk dideskripsikan. Imagine, when you open the window, seeing through the dawn, with the smell of soil, leaves, moist, mold, and dew, and you will find an other new abstract scent, called hope.

Tapi saat saya membuka jendela pagi ini, saya tidak menemukan aroma pagi yang saya cari. Ah, saya lupa saya dimana. I am here in the crowded and dirty big city. When I open the window, I found an odd scent and I do not like it. It is not an abstract aroma, cuz your nose will recently alert you that bad smell. Yep, bau sampah, genangan lumpur, saluran mampet. Dan saya tak bisa menemukan sense of hope. Hati saya menjerit, dimanakah di sini saya bisa menemukan sungai yang bening, saluran yang tak mampet ataupun menghitam, and full-of-hope faces. I wonder what can I do despite just grieving. I also wondering is in the future there will nothing like the morning scent I ever known?

I also wonder, will  just by do the good habit to the environment and other, make the scent and the sense keep alive? I don`t know the answer. But I guess, It is the smallest thing I can do to keep it alive. 

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